It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

But truth be told, I’m not that big on decorations. I keep them at a minimum in real life, with just some figurines, extra candles and twinkling stars hung in front of the windows. Those stars are nice though. In the dark they catch the light of the candles and for those very rare moments I’m actually at home during the day, they catch the low winter sun beautifully too.

Most of that decorating will be done wearing my pj’s, so that makes the Thirst VPL Sweats from the November JOCKD set a fitting choice in SL. Luckily putting up a Christmas tree is a lot less hassle in our virtual lives, but carefully choosing the ornaments and arranging them can easily become a fulltime job.

The Thirst VPL Sweats are rigged for the Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh bodies. I’m wearing them on the Belleza body with the Lelutka Guy mesh head (freckles and stubble included), Birth Ripley skin and Stealthic Narcotic hair, IDTTY “Real” eyebrows.

Decor & furniture: Heritage Christmas Tree by Apple Fall, Mid Century Fireplace with decor by Lisp Bazaar, Wallace (side) table, Dover Lamp and Concrete & Wood coffee table all by Fancy Decor, kitten on pillow by Jian.

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