Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 17

I’ve treated myself to the MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar. It’s and advent calendar, hunt and game all in one. Now I just need to find some time… make some time… Do something time-related to get good use out of this purchase. It’s only L$500 and you can play it until January 6th will full access to all 48 prizes.

Kinda fun, though not a perfect fit for me is the wearable Snowman Sled by Boomerang from the MadPea calendar. As I opened the little calendar doors for several days in a row, I also read the “case files” for the murder mystery. MadPea puts a lot of time and effort in creating a compelling story and I’m curious to see how this one is going to end.

I found a spot for some of the other prizes from the MadPea calendar I’ve collected so far: the toy train that comes in the box with the calendar, the festive frame with ornaments by Krescendo and the wooden sphere with fairy lights on a pedestal by F&M.
Done with the MadPea calendar for the day, I once more headed to Fameshed, this time to pick up the gift from Trompe Loeil. The milk can with a christmassy arrangement and the sculptured reindeer head are just two examples of what you’ll find among the stash of goodies they’re giving away for Christmas.
The onesie I’m wearing is by Noche and though it’s far from new and it’s been a group gift for a while now, a couple of the texture choices are very seasonal, which makes it worth mentioning again.

That’s it for now. I have to go catch my forty winks… After I’ve looked up why it’s forty. It’s so specific. *plays Batman tune* To the Google cave!

Items are shown on the Belleza body with the Lelutka Guy mesh head (freckles and stubble included), Birth Ripley skin, Stealthic Narcotic hair, IDTTY “Real” eyebrows and Moncho eyes by Madame Noir. I’m sitting on the N4RS Famous chairs and my Jian kitten is having a little stretch.

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