Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 18

For this episode of my holiday season series, I went to Linden Lab’s Shop & Hop event in the hope of finding something discounted to wear for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. The event started on Friday 13th so the lag is still freakishly bad at this point, but you have until January 6th to visit it. In the Firestorm viewer you can always click on “World” and “Show Friends only”. That should take the edge of the lag, though you may spontaneously start singing All By Myself.

I really liked the Karl body warmer by Aphorism as soon as I spotted it. My fear was that their would be clipping round the neck and/or the wrists, but thankfully the Signature size works very well for David. The single colour version comes with lots of options for the sweater and shirt, so even if you’re being frugal by not getting the fatpack, you can still mix up your look.
I also found a nice pair of boots by L&B at Shop & Hop and I love the socks on those. Sadly the jeans L&B had on offer don’t work well with these boots. I raided my wardrobe till I found the Ascend Mikol jeans. You definitely need something to cover up the waistband, as they don’t work well for David. However, the Mikol jeans include a boot cut version that is extremely tapered at the bottom so they easily fit in boots. I guess this is one of those outfits where everything comes together nicely in the end, but as soon as you take of one piece the whole thing falls apart. I refer you to a previous blog post about David if you are looking for a pair of jeans by L&B that can be worn shirtless.

Location: Puddlechurch

Etham is often a safe choice for David and I was happy to see them at Shop & Hop. The fatpack of the Mark jacket is a real bargain and it goes well with NX-Nardcotix own Finlay cargos and Gideon boots, two items you can of course easily wear with David without having to faff with the body shape.

While I was checking if Ascend hadn’t moved, I remembered that they still have an old group gift that’s a pair of comfy Christmas-themed sweatpants. It takes some shape modifying to fit into these, but I did a whole blog post just on sweats for David in the past that should be helpful.

There are also some decor gifts from Shop & Hop featured in this shot: the two books with the candle, the vase with the branches, the bench with the blanket, the mittens hanging above me and the piece of toffee cake. Have fun figuring out who’s giving a way what, cause I can’t be bothered at this point. I’m in my sweatpants!
You’ll see that there are plenty of gifts to be found at Shop & Hop and some may pop up in other episodes of Partridge In A Pear Tree. For now though I’ll just leave you with some key credits.
Ho Ho (yes I’m pointing at you) Ho!

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