Partridge In A Pear Tree – Episode 20

Finally I made some time to play catch up with the MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar. The plot is thickening and the collection of usable gifts is growing, though I’ll be hard pressed to find use for a Christmas dress and bauble earrings aren’t really my thing either. I’m yet to come across a prize that discriminates against female avatars in favour of the male ones. Oh well, such is the way the ginger bread cookie crumbles in SL. Let’s look at some of the prizes.

The wooden board with a typical Christmas message is by Serenity Style and the triangles with stars are by Chez Moi. These triangles do well in a sleek modern interior and have a much lower land impact (2 li) than pretty much any traditional Christmas tree. The hanging baubles by Moss&Mink are the perfect item for those of you that were waiting to see something a bit more dainty from this calendar, while the chocolate holiday peppermint cake by The Half Moon Market is bound to get you salivating.

There’s only a few more days to go and then I can start solving the puzzle part of the MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar and grab another 24 prizes. Now I’m going to grab some sleep and hopefully NOT dream of my day job. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. I regularly find myself repeating some of the more boring aspects of my job in my dreams. Come on brain, surely you can come up with something more creative? Oh, but don’t give me those nightmares in which my mom’s life comes to a violent end, cause what the frack is up with that?!


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