Partridge In A Pear Tree – Episode 22

One of the reasons why I seem to have less freebies and group gifts to show this year, is my ever growing demand for quality over quantity another reason has been my more limited time in SL. Without any further ado, here are some of the better items from various ongoing events.

For those of you that like a festive glass of bubbly, there’s a golden champagne bottle and flutes at Miminal today. This is an advent calendar gift which you need to collect today (December 23th), but as from tomorrow you can purchase it at a bargain price. It’s good to know that the land impact is ridiculously high, so it’s not suitable for those of you that are painfully counting prims.
Chez Moi has a plate of very tasty Christmas tree cakes waiting for you at SL’s Shop & Hop event until January 6th. These cakes look like something I would very much enjoy in real life. A feast to the eyes and taste buds alike.
The MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar has A Christmas Movie trivia game hiding behind one of its doors. It’s a nice prop as well as a playable game.

At Shop & Hop I also grabbed the leggings by Riot with a cute reindeer pattern, rigged for Jake, Gianni and Legacy. It reminds me that I should go back to Shop & Hop soon to see if perhaps I can do some more bargain shopping. Trying to find a specific store at the event can be a pain though. It’s best to approach it philosophically… For some of you that’ll mean medicated.
I’m not going to mention the other items in this shot, cause it’s all about that ass… I mean those leggings. #Freudianslip. It was all mentioned in a previous blog post anyway… Well alright so that means I can copy paste it here. You’ve got me!

Decor & furniture: Heritage Christmas Tree by Apple Fall, Mid Century Fireplace with decor by Lisp Bazaar, Wallace (side) table and Dover Lamp by Fancy Decor, kitten on pillow by Jian.

Ho ho ho!

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