Partridge In A Pair Tree – Episode 24

Just like last year, there’s a veritable treasure trove of gifts at the Man Cave event which started on December 17th and will run till January 11th. Due to their beer bottle Christmas tree with all the gifts underneath it, the event is a little bit busier than usual at the end of its first week. So make yourself small, lower your graphics settings, activate your Man Cave group tag and go grab those cans… The cans underneath the tree! Let go of that lady’s bosom you pervert!

From Rebellion we get a bullet necklace. Personally I think it would be a good idea to have a bullet with your name on it, cause you know how they say that there’s a bullet with your name on it out there? Well if you had it on you, you’d always know where it was and you wouldn’t have to worry about it… but I Digress. In case your Christmas becomes somewhat apocalyptic or you had one too many Brussel sprouts, BAMSE has you covered with a gas mask.
Luckily Thirst has a more positive outlook and hopes you’ll have time to lounge around in your pj’s (rigged for Belleza Jake only). Now that’s what I call winning at Christmas.
SL photography enthusiasts will be happy with the neon launderette backdrop by Bearded Guy. It comes with various neon signs you can either add to this backdrop or use as decor in your home. Those of you with a bit of building experience probably will be able to slot in the whole room in a building. Meanwhile, the balloons and confetti clearly indicate a party is going on here, so I’m gonna bust a move while I’m washing my shirt.

You can have yourself an ice cream float party thanks to Krescendo, providing you rez out more than one of course.
More good news for photography enthusiasts: Motiv8 has a nice couples pose under the tree… No, the pose isn’t under a tree… Frak this is confusing.
It’s easy to loose track of time when you’re tinkering with all these gifts, so the watch by Midna is a very practical gift.

If colourful tattoos are your thing, you can definitely go all out with the Tatsuo tattoo by Mister Razzor.
Moonstone gives us another timepiece, lest we should forget time is fleeting and waits for no man.
Apart from a descent pair of shoes, you’ve got yourself a whole outfit with the Val’More beret, Mossu winter jacket and Clef De Peau loose jogger pants in stylish herringbone fabric. The jacket and pants are both rigged for various mesh bodies. Even the pose is a ManCave gift by IDK.

Now we’re back to decor items with this promising looking barrel by Bondi. While we’re at it, let’s stick with the booze theme and take a look at the wine gift by Serenity Style. The party doesn’t stop there people, cause we got ourselves a lovely tasty wine and snacks tray by Heart Homes.

There are some items among the gifts that are rigged for Signature Gianni only and coincidentally they’re all in line with the frak-this-winter philosophy, so I switched to my favourite Gianni look and headed for the nearest tropical beach.
So what do we get? A pair of baggy shorts by Narcissus, a cute pair of swimming trunks with a subtle snowflake patter by Matova and an even cuter tank top by Oxe (I love that print!)

FYI: Up to the point where I switched to Gianni, I was using the look I created yesterday.

That’s it people, here’s were I wrap up. There are MORE gifts at Man Cave and the fact that I left some out doesn’t necessary say something about those gifts, it’s more a reflection on me running out of steam. This has been a lot of unpacking, picture snapping and yap-yapping.

Merry Christmas (it’s official now)

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