Wrapping up the holiday season

If you find yourself at a loose end this weekend, you can still have some holiday spirited fun with the MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar till January 6th. Many of the smaller and bigger prizes are distinctively festive, so you probably will want to store those till next year, unless you’re one of those basket cases that are a few sandwiches short of a picnic who enjoy an all year Christmas theme. Get Help! Yes, I am being judgmental. It’s MY blog. Anywhooo, some of the items have more of a travel theme to tie them in with the MadPea adventure and others are just nice winter decor, so you can still get some SENSIBLE use out of them for a couple of months.

Two of my favourite prizes of the MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar are the pile of pillows on a stool by Krescendo and the luggage by Sempiternal. One’s great for cozy times, the other one has you dreaming of a long slow scenic journey by train and ship… Iceberg! Ding ding ding ding! Uh-oh. Better hope that trunk floats cause there’s not going to be any room on that door. Rose needs it all to her self… Ah yes, Titanic is the perfect New Year’s Day movie. Mostly because it’s so fekking long and you can just space out on the couch, nursing yourself back from that cheap champagne hangover with pizza and naps.

If you haven’t picked up the free gifts at the current round of Man Cave yet, make sure you do before January 6th. This comfy cardigan by Etham is just one of the many very usable items from that stash of goodies. I did a long post about the Man Cave gifts earlier.
Head over to the current round of Fameshed which more or less only just started and will rund until January 27th. There are couple of gifts up for grabs there too, among others a set of very versatile bracelets by Noir.

And it’s a wrap people. *Picture a scene of everybody rushing out of the room cause they’ve got somewhere better to be*

The look: Catwa Travis mesh head, Belleza Jake mesh body, Stray Dog Erwin skin and body applier for Jake, Stealthic Narcotic hair, L’etrê basic mesh ears.

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