Quench Your Thirst 18

Time to wrestle my self out of that holiday fog and back into reality… NOT. In Sweden we’re blessed with yet another bank holiday on December 6th, which this year happens to fall on a Monday. Nevertheless I thought I’d return to some normalcy with one of the two underwear items from the December Jockd set at Thirst.

Traditionally ballet dancers wear a so called dance belt and not a jockstrap, but fork it, I’m running out of interesting things to do in my underwear so I’m going to ballet-pose the hell out of that Thirst Tommy Jock. It’s fitted for Belleza Jake & Legacy mesh bodies and comes with 10-colour hud.

Shown on the Belleza mesh body with Birth skin and Stealthic Psycho hair. Pose from Body Language set and Dance Hall photo booth both by Fox City. I added the framed ballet photographs myself and dropped a city skyline in front of the booth for a more interesting view.

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