Taking David to TMD January 2020

The current round of TMD is a rather good one for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. There’s nothing in his particular size, but there are several items in other sizes that can be combined with each other or with something else I happen to have in my wardrobe.

The gorgeous leather (faux sheepskin?) Maverick jacket by Minimal at TMD comes with a built-in T-shirt, but it makes me happy to see that the shirt can be taken off to show a little skin. I’m using the Signature size for the jacket and luckily there are some jeans that work well with David in the Aesthetic (Enzo) size. The Gary rolled blue jeans by Legal Insanity are a good example. You just need to adjust your shape slightly, so your legs don’t look much bigger in the jeans than when you are naked and also to stop you from glitching through the waistband. You’ll effortlessly slip on the NX-Nardcotix Jude Ankle Boots under these jeans and in the words of a magician with a lisp: “hey pesto!” you’ve got yourself an outfit. What? No laughs? Tough crowd.

For this next outfit you could be working with pretty much any mesh body or even no mesh body, because you’re totally covered up. The MGMen’s jacket, sweater and scarf, L&B Havoc Ops tucked jeans and boots are all from TMD, so right now this is a one-stop outfit. I find it cheeky from MGMen that they charge extra for the sweater, as it’s not possible to wear the jacket without it because then you have a gap between the sleeves and the pockets of the jacket, where your wrists should be.

You’re ass will look like a new world wonder (where are we with the count on those these days?) in the L&B Havoc Ops jeans, especially in this outfit. If you attempt to wear the jeans shirtless, you’ll have to suck in your cheeks, expand your tummy and saddle bags and overall show a lot of willingness to play with your shape. You’ve got to massage the numbers a bit, so to speak. I’m using the Signature size, but it’s a shame that L&B no longer seem to support the Aesthetic size, because chances are that would have been a better fit for David. Still, this doesn’t look too bad though, does it?

The story is pretty much the same for the Aitui Chino Wrap at TMD. Some love and care and a thicker core is needed to make them work. I find the TMP size is your best option here. The NX-Nardcotix Mecatl are a good fit with these chinos. They help to tell the story of a surprisingly warm spring day on which you found yourself taking off your shirt cause you were schvitzing like a schmendrick.

Now for something smart casual. As much as I like underwear, I also get a kick out of seeing my avatar in a sharp suit or that sexy combo of a suit jacket and jeans. There are two options for this kind of look at this round of TMD. On the left you see the Not So Bad Erwin suit jacket and on the right there’s the Tori Torricelli Byron jacket. Both are worn with the L&B Havoc jeans (available at the L&B main store, not to be confused with the tucked jeans they have at TMD now) and the NX-Nardcotix Jude ankle boots.

That wraps up this styling session with David and with those last couple of outfits he looks sharp enough to go have a martini in a fancy hotel bar. But in reality, I’ll just be going to bed. *bubble burst*


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