Skin Is Key

The combination of three key components in SL allows for the creation of some wildly different looks. One Component is the mesh head, another is the shape which manipulates the mesh head to a certain extend and of course plays a big part in the look. Equally, if not more important is the skin. Apply different demo skins to the same head with the same shape and you’ll notice what a difference it can make. With that in mind, Clef De Peau have a rather clever name, as it literally translates to “skin key”.

I particularly favoured their skins on the Lelutka Andrea head I’ve been using for some time with my alt. Every now and again he makes an appearance in my photo shoots when I need a second person. Because I lack the patience and time to collaborate with other people, I find “alting” the best option (yup, I just turned that into a verb). So far I have always been using Clef De Peau’s Clint skin…

…but now I treated my (other) self to the newer Allan skin. I also got myself the Lelutka Guy head while I was at it. In for a penny, in for a pound, right? If you really want your avatar to look like the store poster for Allan, then you need to use the Guy head and the shape that comes with the skin. Personally I enjoy playing with shapes too much to go for that approach.

Clef De Peau also has some nice apparel. I’m sure their Miles Outfit is the kind of thing you’ll see people wearing at (some) clubs, though I suppose they strip down to this when they get there. On the other hand, London does have that yearly No Trousers On The Metro Day. So yeah, there’s that. Of course you don’t need to go out . Maybe there’s someone at home who will greatly appreciate you prancing around the place, doing the dishes and some light dusting in this “uniform”. I’ll leave you alone with that thought now.


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