Adieu Exmachina Davide

In a bold move which ditches whomever has bought the Davide avatar, Exmachina dropped it like it wasn’t quite so hot, to market a new version under a new name: EVOLVE. That’s one way to do it, I guess. This move certainly won’t win them any sympathy votes, but who knows, maybe the new Evolve body will be a bigger success than Davide ever was. For now though I’m holding off and will create one last look with Davide. You can make him bom-ready with the free bom applier that’s available at Exmachina (go through the door to the fashion area to find it).

Yet again the DNA skin that was a group gift with the November issue of L’Homme Magazine came to the rescue. If it’s no longer a gift when you get there, you should be able to purchase it bundled with the female skin for L$500. I would have preferred some more ab definition, but it’s not a bad basic skin to add things onto. This is what Davide has going on in this shot:

  • Exmachina Davide full avatar with head
  • DNA male skin base, tone 20 + Phenotype North layer (BOM)
  • Real Eyebrows by Identity, and yes I know you hardly see them with this hair (BOM)
  • Mister Razzor Facial Hair Luigi Omega Applier
  • Stealthic Faided Hairbase tattoo (BOM)
  • Modulus Adrian mesh hair
  • Avi Glam Solstice mesh eyes (using the alpha to hide system eyes)
  • L’etre Basic Mesh Ears
  • Body Marks / Freckles from the Aeros River skin demo, I know it’s cheeky to just “borrow” something from a demo, but it doesn’t have a demo logo in it, so… (BOM)
  • THESKINSHOP Body hair, something I got from TMP in the old days (BOM)
  • Avenge Body Freckles applier for Signature (Omega applier)

That’s it for Davide. Goodbye my something difficult to style friend.

PS: you can get the kitchen at Bazar, the fridge (group gift!) at KraftWork and the clock/calendar is by Eli Bailey

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