What’s Eating TMP 18 (Legacy)

Each time I start one of these “What’s Eating TMP” posts, my first step is to check if there’s something new at their store, weirdly named “The Shops”.
It is still the same underwhelming click & teleport shopping experience and there is nothing new for us guys. They do have a heavily pregnant version of the female body, for those of you that want to start a family in this virtual world. Whatever floats your boat… That should be the official SL slogan.

The lack of anything new at The Shops doesn’t change the fact that I do really like the Legacy body. Surprisingly it is getting a lot of designer support, considering how easy it is to start a moaning-fest about how bad TMP has been in terms of customer service in the past and how the body isn’t really worth it’s premium price tag of L$5000, etc. To the naysayers: I’m hearing ya, but it’s just so najs! That’s how they spell “nice” in Swedish, cause they couldn’t just borrow the word without raping it.

Even in the underwear department, which doesn’t leave any room for use of alpha cuts, new items are popping up for Legacy on a regular basis. There’s already quite the range at Thirst as well as a growing offer at Noche, where I got this Tom Thong.
Skin choices are great too for Legacy, as it’s supported by nice brands like Stray Dog, Clef de Peau and what I’m using here, Birth.

After that sultry bedroom session I headed over to Fameshed for some new threads. I found the new Jourdan hoodie by Noche and Wrynn denims by Legal Insanity at the event and these pieces work quite well together, safe for a bit of clipping with the belt loops. If you’re going for zero glitching perfection, you could of course for example pick up the Noche Kaleb chinos. In both cases the good old Deadwool Chase sneakers work well with these outfits and with Legacy you can wear these sneakers in the Signature size. The carrier bag is something I got in a hunt a couple of years ago. It’s from ILLI, but I don’t think it’s available at their store. Seeing how I appear to have my bag packed though, I’ll leave you with some credits as I buzz off into the sunset.

  • Legacy male mesh body
  • Catwa Travis mesh head
  • Birth Carlos applier for Catwa heads (includes hairbase and stubble) and body applier for Legacy
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Stealthic Like Lust hair (comes with sides, but I’m wearing the top only)
  • L’etrê Basic Mesh Ears
  • Moncho eyes by Madame Noir, applied on the rigged eyes that come with the Catwa head

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