Something New In The Willy Department 4

It is time again to drop trou and shake it all about… Literally. A couple of weeks a new penis hit the grit… Oh, painful!

It’s called The Physics Cock “The P” and it’s made by ASA in collaboration with Session Skin. The product is still in beta phase but you can already purchase it for L$ 1,980. I don’t know if that means it will go up in price once it’s out of beta phase, or if this is yet again a perfect example of the inappropriate use of the the word “beta”. In any case I’d say it isn’t perfect but it’s damn good fun and you can demo it before you cough up the dough.

The texturing is quite detailed and I believe it is possible to create your own textures for it, if that is part of your personal skill set. There are several size options in the hud, but I would have preferred something on a sliding scale. Still, all in all it’s a handsome looking piece of equipment, as far as a scrotum can be handsome of course. Oh, the ball height options are a nice touch too. You can have them high and tight or low and loose… Apparently at a certain age that becomes knee height by default. I’ll let you know when I get there.

Click image to see short clip

I still think Aeros penises look better, but “The P” has some very cool tricks, particularly in the animation department. It looks like more animations will be added in future (soon?) so things are looking up. I would like to see a good walk in the hud or possibly natural subtle movement of the penis that can be combined with an AO.

If you want to know more about the look, check out yesterday’s post What’s Eating TMP episode 18. And with that I’ll modestly cover up and let you get on with playing with yourself.

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