Shopping for David

This is another one of those occasions where I didn’t limit my styling exercise with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body to just one event.

Before I covered up, I got inked first. There are several interesting tattoos just gathering dust in my inventory, which is a shame. This “Baptism Tattoo” by Dappa is a good example of something that deserved an outing and looks great on David. Most tattoos come as a universal omega applier, so I’m sure there are tons of options out there for David. For the newbies I should probably mention that, as is the case with most omega enabled body parts, you will have to pick up the Omega Applier System for David (L$199) at the NX-Nardcotix store. You just add it, click it and remove it again. This makes the body omega ready so you can apply tattoos and skins. Speaking of which, the Birth omega body applier is a perfect choice for David. All shadows and nipples are where they’re supposed to be, which oddly enough isn’t a given in SL. If you find that a tattoo is very slow to get sharp, try going into the Layers tab of the body’s hud and toggling the tattoo layer on and off.

A couple of days ago I picked up the new Wrynn jeans by Legal Insanity at Fameshed. Depending on how you want to use these jeans, you can switch between sizes. If you want to go shirtless, you are better of with the Enzo size, though you may want to tweak your shape a little as your legs and butt will look very thick in this size. If you don’t need to worry about your waistline cutting into the jeans because it is covered up, the Gianni size may be the better option. Let’s look a some examples…

  • On the left you see the Legal Insanity Wrynn jeans from Fameshed (till February 27th, then at the Legal Insanity store) in the Gianni size. They are paired with a tank top from FE Style in the David size and the new L&B Swear Old School low top sneakers from TMD (till February 29th, then at the L&B Store) in Gianni size.
  • In the middle we have just the Wrynn jeans in Enzo size with NX-Nardcotix Mecatl sandals.
  • On the right you see the Wrynn jeans in Enzo size with the Cold Ash Tanner open hoodie in Gianni size and the resizable version of the Deadwool Chase sneakers.


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