Something New In The Willy Department 5

I’m back with “The P” physics cock because the creators have been rather busy dropping version after version on me. Talk about a sausage fest!

The previous versions already had some facial expressions, which now have been expanded to include giving blowjobs rather than just receiving them. Well isn’t that considered! I’m a bit miffed that the icons for these animations are showing a female avatar, but it’s a work in progress so I’ll let that one slide for now. As you can see from the shots above, the hud is rather big, but then again, where would they put so many options if it was itty-bitty. You can of course minimise it to just a button if you’re simply hanging loose, so to speak.

For texturing there is a separate hud with 15 textures to choose from, which you than can tint to better match your skin tone. Other nice touches are the options for how low your balls are hanging (from cold to hot balls), the sound effects and of course the various full avatar animations. Who doesn’t want to do the helicopter, right?

I should mention that there are no pubes included with The P, so you need to get those somewhere else. I’m using Pubic Hair for Men by Nearly Tactile.

Pose by Cordeaux

If you fancy the harness I’m wearing, it’s the new Nath harness by Thirst and it’s currently available at Romp, one of the more adult themed sales events in SL. As you can see it can be worn with or without the codpiece and seems to be working nicely with The P physics cock. Romp closes on February 25th, so if you’re reading this at a later date, you should check out the Thirst main store instead.

That’s it for now, all wat’s left for me to do now is list some credits and do a silly billy willy dance.

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