A Signature Look V

There have been multiple dabbles with Geralt but it’s been a long time since I tried something new with the Signature Gianni head and body. It’s not a hugely popular combination, but it sure is an easy option for those that prefer to get a body and head from the same place. It is also a slightly more affordable option. The Signature Gianni head and body are both L$3500, while Catwa, Lelutka and Akeruka heads are all L$5000, so you are saving out L$1500 (2022 update: now the Lelutka heads are L$3990). Maybe you simply prefer the look of this head and its less complicated hud.

The downside is that the skin options for the Gianni head are hugely dwarfed by the quasi endless sea of skins for Catwa heads. Still, with a bit of tender love and care, you can make something of it. I found the Jamaar skin at Vendetta as an Omega applier and while the shadows don’t align 100% with the face, I think the imperfections are acceptable. Let me break down this look for you…

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