Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 5

The online version of that dreadful dishcloth of a newspaper we now as The Daily Mail published what they would call an article about how “hot farmers” are all the rage on Instagram at the moment. Now of course I’m partial to a bit of eye candy and as the link to the what-they’d-call-an-article was sent to me by a well-meaning person, I also don’t have to use that utterly ridiculous expression of “it’s my guilty pleasure”. Honey, guilt is a useless sentiment which I have no time for. Anyhoo, all this to say that this episode of Pleasing Aesthetic was slightly inspired by one of the farmers. Mostly his moustache, to be honest.

First we’re going to let our eyes travel a lot further down from that moustache to the buttocks. One fun little add-on I have found for the Aesthetic body is the butt enhancer by the aptly named Butter. You need to make sure you get the correct applier for your specific Aesthetic skin (in my case that’s “Raoh”) and if you’ve tinted your body, you have to get out the color and alpha hud and apply the tint again so the butt enhancer blends in nicely. It’s a great improvement on the original shading of the Aesthetic body’s butt.

While there are no (human) skins for the Aesthetic body worth mentioning, apart from Niramyth’s own offer, the neck fix does make it possible to combine the body with a Catwa head and any skin. Make sure you get a Catwa head that includes a version for the Aesthetic body. I noticed that for the Travis head this is not included. I’m using the Victor head with the Zack applier by Birth. The moustache and eyebrows are from Volkstone and really got me where I wanted to go with this look. The shape is of course my own creation.

A search for Aesthetic on Marketplace gives you such a distorted view. Sure, you get a lot of hits, but many of the products are just the same full perm items with different texturing, instead of original mesh. Go to any of the monthly menswear events and much of what you’ll see won’t work with the Aesthetic body. With a bit of digging though, you’ll find the occasional nuggets of pure gold.

The Patch Jeans by Entrance at Man Cave (until March 11th) are nothing if not original and with a skip and a hop I went over to Men Only Monthly (until March 15th) to grab the new Cubura Ziro Gym Shirt. Let’s be honest, this body just cries out for a tank top. The Jumpov sneakers are a group gift at Versov and thankfully come in The Aesthetic size. That’s one outfit done and dusted

Toronto Kitchen @ Bazar

In the underwear department the Aesthetic body doesn’t enjoy the same choices as the Belleza, Signature and Legacy mesh bodies, but occasionally some new original mesh item does pop up. Right now it’s the Cubura Max Boxers at Man Cave. The crotch, main body and waistband of these shorts have individual texture options, so you can make lots of funky or more demure colour combinations. All together the effect is quite pleasing. My work here is done.


  • Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo mesh body + Raoh add-on pack
  • Butter but enhancer for Aesthetic mesh body
  • Catwa Victor mesh head
  • Birth Zack applier for Catwa heads, including hairbase and stubble, using the browless version
  • Volkstone Simon Brows Catwa/Omega applier, comes with Simon Facial Hair
  • Volkstone Dashiel moustache (comes with appliers and goatee)
  • Modulus Elliot hair
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Ben” shape for Catwa Victor & Aesthetic
  • If you are reading this after the current rounds of the events I mention in this blog post have ended, you will most likely be able to find the boxers and tank top at the Cubura main store. Sadly I was unable to locate a main store for Entrance.

There are a couple of extra NSFW images in the ever growing collection on my Patreon.

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