An Uber Look

Uber is one of the events I don’t frequent very often and I don’t really know why. Possibly it’s because I gravitate towards the events that focus on menswear. However, with a widely supported mesh body like Belleza Jake, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together a look with mostly items from a mixed event like Uber, right? Well, almost anyway.

Unless my eyesight and/or patience is failing me, the only two menswear items at Uber this time are a pair of jeans and sneakers. The sneakers by Native Urban looked nice, but for some ridiculous reason they did not include a Belleza size. I guess the creator made a calculated choice, by going for Legacy and Signature instead.
Meanwhile Mossu has the Nathan jeans at Uber which you can wear with or without the chain. These options are always appreciated. I also like how the jeans hug the Belleza cheeks without riding up the crack. There’s no butt cleavage showing with these jeans, which some may find disappointing but others will applaud. Believe it or not, but I’m undecided on this subject. The high seam of these jeans give you plenty of shoe options. I went with the Kurtov Low sneakers by Versov.

Birth has a new applier for Catwa mesh heads at Uber. It’s named Cason and described as “rugged handsome imperfection.” He’s slightly asymmetrical with little realistic details and blemishes on his chiselled angular face. Birth skins now include BOM layers and as always the skin comes with eyebrow, hairbase and beard options. A shape for the Catwa Daniel head is included as well. I’m using the Victor head and have created my own shape for it.
The Sadik hair by Modulus is also from Uber and I appreciate its nonchalant messiness or is it messy nonchalance? In any case it’s a winner for me.
You’ll find the Armani Mesh Crop Tank and Max underwear at Noche.

This concludes my Uber trip for now. I wish it had a bit more meat on the bone. Then again, I already posted a nude on Flickr with a version of this look, so maybe that was enough “bone” for one week. If you want to follow in my footsteps, you have until March 22nd to do so before this round of Uber closes. The links in the credits below take you to the main store for each brand.


  • Catwa Victor bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Cason applier for Catwa & body applier for Belleza
  • Modulus Sadik hair
  • Basic Mesh Ears by L’etrê
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes
  • Billy Beaverhausen Catwa Victor & Belleza Jake Shape Cason
  • Missed Uber? Check at the Mossu store to find the jeans.

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