Shopping for David March 2020

Time for another styling exercise with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body, my favourite enfant terrible which has been getting very little support from creators. Let’s see what’s been cooking.

We’re going to start things off with some ink. This is the new Yokai tattoo by Dappa at the current round of TMD (till March 29th, check out the Dappa main store after that). This tattoo continues onto the neck, so it includes appliers for Catwa and Lelutka as well as an Omega applier. Obviously you’ll also find the old-school tattoo system layers in the box as well, as those are totally in vogue again thanks to BOM. At the moment there is no new BOM version of the NX-Nardcotix body yet, but maybe some 3rd party BOM installer solutions can do the trick. Personally I’m sticking with appliers with this body for now.
The underpants are part of the the NX-Nardcotix Darrel underwear set which includes a tank top.

I’ve put my trust in Legal Insanity again and picked up their Bruce Written Denims, which work nicely for David in the Enzo size, after some shape adjustments. I usually reduce the leg muscle, saddlebags and butt size and slightly increase the hip width. I’ll include this special Legal Insanity version of my shape when I list it on Marketplace.
While I got the Dappa tattoo at TMD, I also spotted a bomber jacket by Kai that showed potential. I’m wearing it in the Gianni size and switched the Legal Insanity jeans to the Gianni size as well to avoid glitching. You may want to play with your shape again, as the jacked unrealistically billows a little in the back if your butt is too big. If only we could adjust our real life shapes this easily to fit into a pair of jeans, instead of having to search for the perfect pair! Oh well, que sera fat-ass sera. If you’ve missed this round of TMD, check out the Kai main store and you’re bound to find the Noiz bomber jacket there.
In both shots I’m wearing the L&B Swear Old School Low Tops in Gianni size. While I often get single-colour items, when it comes to shoes I do like to splash out on fatpacks, because it makes them much more versatile to combine with a ton of outfits.


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