Something New In The Willy Department 6

The creator of the Physics Cock “The P” must have realised things were looking a bit bare. Personally I was using pubic hair from another maker, but now The P has its very own bit of bush. It’s a separate mesh add-on which reacts to the show/hide button on the hud for the cock, so you can have everything neatly tucked away in the blink of an eye. There are a couple of different “styles” and to tint the pubes you right-click and choose edit and then go into the tab for textures. Yes I know I’m teaching you pros to suck eggs, but there’s always the chance that a newbie is reading this. Welcome to SL. It’s all a bit bewildering but such fun!

Flip back to a previous blog post about “The P” Physics Cock for more information or just go grab a demo.


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