Another Fairy Day – Episode 6

In for a penny, in for a pound I always say (sometimes with a nudge nudge wink wink). My previous blog post also was focused on a fairy look, but who the hell can blame someone for wanting to fly away from reality right now. Is there anything left we shouldn’t worry about? But NO, I’m not giving in to the doom and bloody gloom. I’ll soldier on. I won’t keep calm and carry on though. No, this needs more of a battle cry approach if you ask me. It’s either “We Are Sparta!” or “Scooby dooby dooooo!” The jury is still out on that one. Anyhoo, let’s take a look at this fairy.

I finally took a step away from the beautiful feathered wings and went for something more insect like this time. Other things that are different from previous fairy is the skin, hair, ears, eyes, shape and a couple of accessories.

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