A Signature Look VI

Truth be told, this started out as another session of dabbling with Geralt, but after some Marketplace browsing I changed my mind and switched over to Signature Gianni. We’re now at version 5.0 for the body and 2.7 for the head. My intention was to use a BOM skin but I couldn’t find anything I liked more than the Vaughn applier by Hermony I found on Marketplace. It works with the standard Signature skin tones, so you only buy a face applier. The neck seam is noticeable, especially on the back of the neck, but not a deal breaker for me. I’ve actually had a couple of occasions where the light was just right and I couldn’t see it at all. Note: the box for the Gianni body includes a “new neck” version, but this is to work with the new Lelutka Evolution heads (only “Skyler” at this point)

I further embellished the skin with Modulus body hair and the Vaughn skin comes with its own freckle option for the face. There’s also a bloody nose option included, but seeing how tensions are already running high enough these days, let’s NOT pretend we’ve just been involved in an impromptu bit of fisticuffs.

Finding clothing for Gianni hardly is an issue. There are some creators that don’t cater for it, but in general this body is very well supported. I made a quick trip to the current round of the monthly Man Cave event (on till April 11th) and grabbed a pair of Kalback jeans like a man on a mission. Next I dove in my inventory and unearthed the Lenox Explorer Vest, daringly worn without a shirt. I say daringly because momentarily the Stockholm weather is doing that thing where it is almost spring one minute and then it fekking starts snowing the next. My footwear probably isn’t perfect for these conditions either, but the Versov Kurtov sneakers look good with this outfit. This is SL where fashion always trumps function. Meanwhile I think I’ll stick with a scarf and woolly hat for a wee bit longer in real life. Mind you, while I’m working from home there’s something nice about having an excuse / reason to sit at my laptop swaddled in a blanket. I haven’t succumbed to PJ days yet thought. It’s important to maintain a certain level of normalcy… Also, there’s always going to be that one wanker who insists everyone puts on their web cam in a conference call. Damn it! Just when I wast starting to enjoy not having to see those faces! Anyhoo, I guess you’re here for the deets, so without further ado…

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