What’s Eating TMP 19 (Legacy)

At this point it is strange to keep referring to TMP when I’m talking about the Legacy body, as the creators no longer seem to be using that name anywhere. Maybe that’s part of their effort to start with a clean slate, though of course they still have they Classic body, which basically is an updated TMP Deluxe body. With the somewhat strange evolution of this brand, it’s no wonder that I and many others have asked the question “What’s eating TMP?”

At the latest Skin Fair, which has ended now of course, the Legacy body was teaming up with Lelutka, stating that it’s the best body to use with the new Lelutka Evolution mesh head Skyler. I wonder if this means that TMP, or should I say Legacy (or are they calling themselves simply “Meshbody” now, or is it The Shops?) isn’t planning on creating their own mesh heads anytime soon. I grabbed the Lelutka head at Skin Fair because it was discounted and parked it in my inventory till now. The good news is that the price of Lelutka heads has temporarily been reduced from L$5,000 to L$3,990 as part of the #StayHomeSL campaign until further notice.

While the Lelutka Skyler head does work with older skin appliers, it doesn’t seem to support an omega hair base or any omega appliers other than skins. For that reason I went completely BOM. I’m using a Stray Dog skin which was made especially for this head and of course the Stray Dog skin for the Legacy body, which was recently updated with BOM layers. The only alpha layer I’m wearing is the one that hides system eyes, because I prefer to use the rigged eyes that come with the body.
Skyler has his own great beard options. As far as I can tell, the beard is a skin tight mesh layer perfectly fitted to the face, which creates a slightly more 3D appearance than a classic beard applier.
When it comes to the neck seam, there are always circumstances where a certain type of Windlight makes the neck seam more obvious, but overall I think the Lelutka Evolution mesh head and Legacy body is indeed the best combination for a least obvious neck seam. Most of the time it looked pretty damn perfect to me.
Remember to wear the head that has “SL” in its name. Apparently of the two versions in the box, that is the one made for the Legacy body. Actually, to be correct, there are four versions of the head in the box. The SL version and the “other one” and each come with bento or static ears. I was wearing the one with bento ears the other day and wanted to put on bunny ears and my human ears moved to the top of my head with the bunny ears. So in this case the head with the static ears would have saved me from this weirdness.

When the Legacy body first was launched, I wasn’t sure if the designers were going to jump on this and start making clothes for it right away. For all the bitching that’s been going on about TMP over the years, I must say that designer support for the body has been surprisingly good. There are still plenty of brands that don’t have a size for it, but the wardrobe for the Legacy body is expanding nicely.
The sexy Angel open shirt by Noche goes great with the beautifully detailed Wrynn denims by Legal Insanity. The Noche Anthony boots colour coordinate well with this outfit that looks fresh in the city, but wouldn’t be out of place in the countryside either. And with that I’m going to head out for a walk… In full hockey gear, including the stick. That should warn people to keep the hell out of my way… or to play a game of street hockey? Cancel that. I’ll just go outside naked.


  • Lelutka Evolution Skyler mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Stray Dog Lorenzo skin for Lelutka + body applier for Legacy, both come with BOM layers
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Luke” shape for Lelutka Skyler & Legacy
  • Avi Glam solstice eyes, applied to the rigged Lelutka eyes.
  • Modulus Bailey hair
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Noche Andre boxer briefs and Brendon tank

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