Castor Cottage – Episode 5

(shown in cover shot: Apple Fall Oxford wingback chair and antique coffee table. Floorplan coastal sideboard. Jian green cheek conure habitat. Frame for Apple Fall botanical study with replaced artwork by Kris Knight.)

A long long time ago on a sim far far away I was renting the rather spacious Chilmark House by Brook Hill Living. I named it Castor Cottage and spent a lot time decorating it in an eclectic but mostly classic style. In this fourth episode of the series about Castor Cottage I’ll take you upstairs… Now now, keep your mind out of the gutter!

First let’s take a quick look at the upstairs landing. It is huge! This can easily be used as another reception room. I won’t list all the items I used in this space, but as you can see I had a cozy seating corner perfect for a tête-à-tête with Mrs so-and-so, eagerly catching up on the latest village gossip. A simple dresser offered some much needed storage space as well as something to display various knick-knacks on. I even appeared to have a bird cage back then. How the times have changed.

LAQ Bedset. Digs Dempsey dresser. The painting and carpet texture are borrowed from a little place called the internet.

The master bedroom is ridiculously spacious, especially as there is another small room that can easily function as dresser, so you don’t need to bother with a wardrobe in this room. The vaulted ceiling is very high and a forest wallpaper works very well here. The LAQ bedset comes complete with the night stands with the lamps and other bits and pieces. The land impact of the bed is only 6, which I find quite impressive for something with so much detail.

Merak Cozy Loveseat. Jian Chameleon Habitat. Frame for Apple Fall botanical study with replaced artwork by Kevin Peterson.
Bella Set gacha crate with books and cushions by Bee Designs. The pajama onesie is a group gift at Noche, rigged for Signature Gianni and Belleza jake.

It seems absurdly luxurious to me to have anything else to rest on other than your bed in your bedroom, but this space has a lot of corners to fill. I suppose one might want to retire to the privacy of ones room for a little nap without messing up the sheets. Obviously it also makes for a nice and quiet reading spot. The base for the terrarium with the chameleon isn’t the original, but I don’t know where that table comes from. The sculpture is something a friend made. The rug is by Hazeel, but doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.

Apple Fall Fullwood sofa and Travel drawers (gacha). I don’t know where I got the frame but the art is by Van Gogh. Brocante bauble lamp. LODE Decor Hyacinth. Dust Bunny round end table and Lavender tin. Fancy Decor Printemps mirror.

There’s even enough space in this room for comfortable couch. OK, at this point it’s just rich people showing off, right? Meanwhile the rest of us are living in a shoe box. See, I’m never quite sure if SL lets you live the fantasy or just points out to you what you most likely will never have in RL… But let’s keep it cheerful. (bah! billionaires!)

Looking at the frame in edit mode, I can tell it’s by Anhelo but I can’t find it there. The art is by Michael Breyette. The chest of drawers, a.k.a. bomb chest is by N4RS.

And finally there this little corner, big enough for a heavy chest of drawers and some tasteful art. Next we’ll head into the ensuite bathroom, but I’ll leave that for another episode. Bye bye now. BYE! Stop filming. Get the hell out of my house!

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