For a Little Less – Episode 4

This blog post easily could have been in the “What’s Eating TMP” series, as I will be using the Classic body from Meshbody, which mostly is a bento version of the old TMP Deluxe body with an updated hud. More important though, it is FREE again! You need to join The Shops! group of course, which is free (the group’s profile should pop up in your SL viewer when you click the link). You also need to go to the correct place to grab the body. There’s more information on Meshbody’s special StayHomeSL page. Now of course we need to look at what we can do with this body and for what kind of money.

My go-to place for affordable not totally outdated male mesh heads is Akeruka. Since their Deluxe heads came out, the price of AK New Gen heads has dropped dramatically to L$799, which is great for a fully animated mesh head. However, there are some issues with using this head on the Classic body.

I am using the Aron bento mesh head and while it comes with an applier for the TMP body I am not able to install this applier in the hud for the Classic body, possibly because it was made for the old styling hud. Thankfully you also get system skins with this head and the Classic body is BOM compatible.

So you just wear one of the 10 skin tones and apply the matching tone on the head. Make sure you are not wearing the alpha layer for the body and click on Apply BOM in the body’s hud. Other issues are the weird bulge in the neck seen from some angles, the often visible neck seam and the extremely displaced toe shadows. In the end it’s up to the individual to decide which flaws they can live with for the price they are willing to pay.

Complete credits for this look: Classic Meshbody for free (or L$1, I wasn’t paying attention to see if I got that one L$ back), Akeruka Aron head for L$799 (includes the hair base and facial hair used for this look), Modulus Cole hair gift, Inkheart Doll Eyes Brown Sugar L$1, Noche Christian Trunks Lust L$199. The head comes with a shape, but I created the Flynn shape for this look (L$20).
Total L$1020.

Until further notice the entire Kauna clothing range is still available for free and you definitely can put together some nice outfits for the Classic body with items from that range. I won’t go into details of what I’m wearing here. Just grab all the stuff and have fun unpacking and trying things on. Versov have the Jumpov sneakers as a group gift and there’s no fee to join, so there’s another versatile item for your growing free wardrobe. All in all there isn’t much holding you back looking not too bad for +/- L$1000. I think I’ll do another “For a Little Less” post soon using the Classic Meshbody. Till then I’ll bid you farewell, stay safe and wash your fucking hands.

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