Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 6

After having published two previous posts about the Niramyth Aesthetic body combined with a Catwa head, this time I’m opting to use the Enzo head that comes with the body. The price for an Aesthetic body including a mesh head is L$2,799 which makes it one of the more cost effective choices you can make in SL.

The Aesthetic body has been around for several years now, but still there aren’t any human skin appliers available for it. Birth does have a couple of appliers for the Enzo head that definitely transform it away from the standard look, in the right direction. I’m using their Maverick skin and it seamlessly blends in with the standard Aesthetic skin on the body. The price for these head appliers at Birth is L$950, which brings the total up to L$3,749. When you unpack the body, you’ll see that it comes with a medium and a lighter skin. I’m using the lighter skin here, but it’s tinted to make it look warmer. The Aesthetic’s huds are quite simple compared to what you get with other bodies. Of course this means the options are more limited, but it also means the huds are easy to work with.

The Aesthetic body isn’t overly blessed in the menswear department, but there are some good brands making new items for it. I got the “Strong 17” tank top and jeans at Invictus. If you have a look around at the store, you’ll see that many of their items come in the Aesthetic size, though of course I urge you to demo everything first to make sure you like the fit. For shoes I often go back to the trusty Jumpov sneakers which are a group gift at Versov. If you are looking for underwear or swimwear, you’ll find that there’s a lot for this body, but much of it is the same mesh item with a different texture on it. I found the the yellow swim briefs at NSS and there’s plenty more where those came from.


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