Free Catwa mesh head ending soon

We’re rapidly rushing towards May 24th in the way that we are rushing through all of life lately because everything is just the same all of the bloody time. If the media isn’t going on about the coronavirus crisis, it jumps on that orange buffoon in charge of the USA, occasionally leaving just a bit of airtime for that bumbling blond bonehead in the UK. Anyhoo, that’s not quite what I wanted to talk about. May 24th is the last day on which you can grab the free unisex mesh head Freya by Catwa and I wanted to do another look with it that’s totally different from what I’ve done so far.

I went with a dark skin (#9) named Carter by Stray Dog. Again it looked a bit strange around the eyes on Freya until I added Izzie’s – Catwa Eyelid Changer and tinted it to better match the skin. The eyebrows weren’t all that great either, but all Stray Dog skins come with a no-brows version, so I’m using that together with the IDTTY Real Eyebrows. Everything I’m using here is BOM, so there are no issues of appliers cancelling each other out, but keep in mind that the eyelid changer needs to go on top of the skin and the eyebrows on top of that. You can change the order of layers by going into outfit editing mode. In the Clothing tab of editing mode you will see that when you hover the pointer over an item, arrow buttons pop up to move the item up or down in the list. It’s interesting to know that you do not need to click save for these changes to take effect.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this, other then HURRY, time is running out to grab this head. If you haven’t already, you may want to take a peak at the previous look I created with Freya.

  • Catwa Freya free group gift (no joining fee) available until May 24th on Marketplace and in temporary inworld locations
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Carter skin and skin for the Belleza body by Stray Dog. (includes appliers and BOM system layers)
  • L’etrê basic mesh ears
  • Izzie’s Catwa Eyelid Changer (small crease)
  • IDTTY Real Eyebrows
  • Modulus Elliot hair
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes (applied to the eyes that come with the head)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Kendrick shape for Catwa Freya & Belleza Jake
  • Noche Max Underwear

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