Shopping for David June 2020

It’s special David-time again people! I.o.w. I’m giving the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body a bit of TLC. We know he’s somewhat of an enfant terrible when it comes to finding clothes that fit his body, but then again David does look pretty fine with very little clothing.

I’m reusing the VYC Shane skin on the Lelutka Guy head in a different skin tone this time. The great thing about VYC skins is that they are all sold as fat packs while they are only marginally more expensive than a single skin tone from other skin creators. The neck seam isn’t great (i.e. it is visible most of the time), but as the skin includes a specific applier for this body, everything lines up perfectly.

Each time I go out fashion hunting for David, I manage to find one or two items. This time my visit to the current round of Fameshed (ends on June 27th) was fruitful in the shape of the new TECH Bomber Jacket by L&B Swear. I’m wearing the Gianni size which fits well enough to be able to wear it without a t-shirt.
I’ve paired the jacket with the Broberry jeans by Deadwool in the TMP size. It took some fiddling with my shape to make these jeans fit well enough to be able to wear them shirtless. Tip: play with your butt, belly, leg muscle, saddle bags and hip width and you’ll get there.
The Versov Kurtov Low sneakers work well if you use the unrigged version and resize them to make them fit. Tip: make your feet quite small, so you don’t have to resize the shoes to the point where they look too big.

Also at Fameshed you can find the Legal Insanity Wesley Denim Shorts. Here I go with the Enzo size for the best fit. Now in an ideal world you’d be able to wear these ripped shorts without the patches and show more skin, but unfortunately that’s too much to ask for in this case. I could not make that work without glitching through the shorts while I was walking. On the plus side, because these shorts are quite low on the hips, you can easily wear them with the tank top from the NX-Nardcotix Darrel underwear set and show an inch of midriff. Houston, we have bare skin! With that I have come to the point to wrap things up.

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