Menstuff Hunt June 2020

Once upon a time I made it my mission to show almost every single item in a hunt, but times have changed. Life is just too short for that kind of dedication. These days I only want to mention the few items I might actually wear occasionally and those that aren’t too bad for an acceptable budget-friendly look. I worked my way through the stores of the Menstuff Hunt June 2020 and here’s the stuff I wanted to show.

  • A cute “Shark Attack” tank by American Bully, obviously not suitable for the fainthearted among you who tut and roll their eyes at a bit of nipple exposure. (Rigged for Aesthetic, Jake, Geralt, Gianni, Slink and TMP)
  • The Horr Cousy shorts aren’t too bad. It’s a full perm mesh item that has been around for some time in SL. The drawstring detail is its most redeeming feature. (Rigged for Adam, Aesthetic, Jake, Gianni, Slink and TMP)
  • The Rebellion Ellison sandals definitely are among the very well executed items in this hunt. (Riggid for Geralt, Gianni, Jake and unrigged)

If you don’t care about colour coordinating, you have yourself an outfit with these three items. I DO CARE, so… NOPE! But let’s see what else tickled my fancy just enough to stop me from kicking it to the curb.

  • For those colder days you can grab yourself the Zak sweater at Aphorism. (Rigged for Gianni, Jake, Legacy and Slink)
  • I’m a bit on the fence about the Ohemo Doir sunglasses, but I think they might work with a casual yet sharp or maybe even slightly extravagant suit, like something from David Heather.
  • The D2T jeans are an ok basic to have in your wardrobe if you don’t plan on spending much (time or money) in SL. There are tons of better pairs of jeans out there, but they don’t grow on trees. (rigged for Adam, Aesthetic, Jake, Gianni, Slink and TMP)
  • I’m not exactly in love with the Montego Bay set by Swank & Co or the Jaakko outfit by Dot BE, but if you’re using the free Classic Meshbody, then you could do worse as far as free summer outfits are concerned.(Rigged for Aesthetic, Gianni, Slink and TMP)
  • The Regkoh tank from FE Style is very much bog standard, but again it’s an item that comes in the TMP size so you can wear it with the free Classic Meshbody. (Rigged for Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, NX-Nardcotix, Gianni, Slink and TMP)

That’s pretty much all I wanted to show from this hunt. The details for the redhead look can be found in my previous blog post and the brown haired boy is a blast from the past when the Classic Meshbody was still called the TMP Deluxe mesh body. I have an old blog post about that too, though I’m not sure if it’s possible to recreate that exact look now.

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