Clearing Out The Wardrobe – Episode 1

My 4th SL birthday is fast approaching and it’s time to clear out the list of 400+ outfits. Many will be retired, but I’m also going to slightly spruce up some old favourites. By the time I’ll be ready to click the Publish button it’s going to be past midnight for me, which officially makes this a Throwback Thursday. The first old look I’m returning to is the original TMP Deluxe mesh body and mesh head with TMP’s own “Bleu” skin.

Bleu definitely was my favourite TMP skin, but I wasn’t alone in that. This was the pre-bento time, and while you could do a lot with the body shape, there wasn’t much you could do about the shape of the head. You could adjust the overall size and make it longer or shorter, but that pretty much was it. Running into yourself was very common in those days. I have been wondering if TMP, now called Meshbody, will ever make their own bento mesh heads, but maybe the clue is in the new name.

The baggy trousers and studded sneakers by TMP haven’t aged too badly, but unfortunately these items are no longer available. The “shoulder harness” top by Gild is still available and is rigged for Signature, Slink and TMP, which means it probably works with the Classic Meshbody as well. There are some subtle differences between the original TMP Deluxe and the current free Classic Meshbody, but the creators took care to make sure most existing clothes would still work with it. The open vest by Gabriel could be a bit trickier to use with the Classic Meshbody. This vest is from one of the many gacha sets at Gabriel (L$75 a spin) and you can try a demo first to make sure that anything you manage to get out of those one-armed bandits will work for you. The Metallic Thong by Noche should still fit well. I always loved how I got away with wearing this thong with (very) low baggy trousers, because includes a flat-fronted “size 0” version so your bulge won’t poke through your trousers. Try it with a pair of low jeans, it’s just so damn Cheeky!

The Cole hair is a gift at Modulus and I’m using the Avi Glam Solstice mesh eyes. If you want an idea of what you can do “on a shoestring” with the Classic Meshbody, check out episode 4 of my “For a Little Less” series.

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