L’Homme Magazine May 2020 Gifts

One of my favourite Second Life™ related publications is L’Homme Magazine. It’s bursting with beautiful inspirational layouts giving you lots of ideas of what you can do with your avatar and home. On top of that this magazine teams up with some creators for a bunch of nice gifts. In some cases the gifts will disappear as a new issues is published, but some creators leave them up for much longer. Let’s take a look at some of the goodies you can get your greedy little mits on right now.

For the L’Homme Magazine Readers Group members, Bakaboo has a sharp black and white shirt, rigged for Jake, Gianni and standard size. You get a basic pair of trousers with it, but I prefer wearing it with leather leggings.
Next we’re zipping over to Dope + Mercy for their Resist Hook Bracelet. Obviously that’s something you’ll be wearing with short sleeves or a tank top.
Dura is a regular among the L’Homme Magazine gifts, often with a single-colour hairdo in a funky tint. That probably doesn’t work for everyone, but I can turn it into a blue fairy moment in a bibbidi bobbidi boo.

The Midna Chuck Bracelets is a set of three well crafted individual bracelets with a colour change hud with lots of options.
More bracelets! This one by RealEvil Industries helps you to release your inner bad boy, which does however not give you any excuse to be an asshole and then say something stupid like “boys will be boys”.
The last L’Homme Magazine gift I’m showing is the Clem skin for Lelutka mesh heads by Vendetta. This is the head skin only in their No. 2 skintone, so if you don’t have Vendetta body skins yet, you’ll have to pick one up for L$490 at their store while you’re getting the gift. The skin comes with a shape, but I preferred using one of my own shapes.

As I’ve been using a mix of heads and bodies, I’m skipping the other credits this time. It’s all about the gifts this time. Have fun collecting them all.

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