A few more old outfits have been rather unceremoniously retired while one made the cut for a minimal update. Akeruka Mike was the first male bento mesh head I ever purchased. I tried a lot with it, but in the end it’s always going to look best with its own skin because all of the other skins I tried on Mike give him eye bags and dark circles, not to mention a serious case of resting bitch face. There are skins for the newer Akeruka heads, but these too look weird on Mike.

Anyhoo, I shouldn’t overthink this. I’m just slightly revamping an old look, not trying to re-invent it. Using the browless skin with a set of different brows and adding a five o’clock shadow (or whatever time of day you call this) goes some way to personalise this head. As it’s a bento head, playing with the shape makes a difference too. The neck seam is far from perfect and often not even perfect from far. The biggest upside is that this animated bento mesh head is on Marketplace for just L$799. Now let’s finish this with the usual list of bits and bobs.

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