Man Cave 3rd Anniversary 2020

While I was putting the finishing touches on the blog post about the 2020 anniversary round of Access, an invite to the current round of Man Cave popped up and I saw that they also were celebrating a birthday. I had mixed feelings about this. I dreaded another long session of unpacking and trying on stuff, but I also had high hopes for the quality of the gifts at this event. I remember some pretty good Christmas gifts from Man Cave, so let’s see if they live up to my expectations this time around.

I’m kicking things off with a skin by Stray Dog. The name of this skin is confusing because the folders say it’s Sven but the content says it’s Drake. He looks more like a Sven to me, but maybe that’s because of the platinum blond hair I’ve used. In any case you get this skin in 4 light skin tones to be used with a Catwa mesh head and if you haven’t got the matching body skin yet, you can grab it at Stray Dog for L$490. I rather like the cute “Pacho” outfit by Meva (rigged for Jake and Gianni). You can wear the top or bottom separately and I combined this with Aqua Boots by Grailed, that I got from the anniversary gifts at Access. The Medallon glasses by Guilty don’t come with a hud, but coincidentally they go well with the colour scheme of this outfit. With so much skin on display, this was the right opportunity to show off the “Hidden Inside” tattoo by IDTTY and the outfit is further embellished with the “Chuck” necklace by Midna, a leather cuff by Zoom and the Mexico bracelet by Clef De Peau. I do love being able to put together a whole look with mostly gifts. Even the Cole hair is a gift at Modulus. As for the purchased items, I’m using the Catwa Travis mesh head, Belleza Jake mesh body, L’etre Basic mesh ears, Avi Glam Solstice eyes and Stealthic hair base. The “Dope” pose by Wrong that I’m using here is also one of the gifts.

If you’re looking for an underwear & socks look, then Man Cave has you scantily covered. The Jose briefs by Flow are rigged for Jake, Geralt and Gianni. They’re nothing fancy but a good standard item to have in your underpants drawer. From Semller there are two huds for their Basic Collection socks. You get the huds at Man Cave and pick up the free socks (rigged for Jake, Gianni, Legacy and Slink) at the Semller main store. Facial hair goes very well with the laissez faire attitude of this “outfit” and the beard base by Magnificent does just the trick. No Man Cave event would be complete without some items for your actual man cave. The Adan Bath Stool by Serenity Style is a welcome addition to my home spa, while the rug from Bee Design’s Lake Cabin Decor is perfect for just lying down on the floor on a hot summer’s eve and letting the floor fan by SLAM cool you right down. It’s worth noting that the rug doesn’t have animations in it, but I’m using a pose by MOTIV8 which happens to be another gift at Man Cave. Oh yes, I’m milking it. I’m milking it good! I mean the event, I’m milking the event!

There definitely is good mix of underwear, swimwear and shorts in this haul of gifts. While I’m looking very cheerful in the Cubura Isaac shorts (for Jake, Legacy, Gianni and V-tech), my friend’s Carter swim shorts by Fashionatic (for Jake and Gianni) have a distinct retro feel about them. If you want to know more about his look, you should check out my blog post about the Access event.

If you like things a little bit more casual but actually dressed, you might enjoy the Allan beanie by Exalted, worn with the moss green Kaua t-shirt by Chuck’s (rigged for Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Legacy) and the Tommy pants by LOB (Jake, Gianni and Legacy). You don’t even have to go anywhere else to find shoes, because the Merana sneakers by Moonstone (Gianni, Jake and Slink) are a Man Cave gift as well.

This was by no means the full collection of gifts at Man Cave and I’m not even showing everything I liked from this haul of goodies. Sure, some items didn’t quite cut mustard with me, but others simply didn’t make it into the blog post because I didn’t want to while away all of the gloriously sunny hours behind my laptop and hey, it’s good to leave a few surprises. Have fun snatching up all those freebies. Remember that this round of Man Cave ends on July 11th.


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