Noche and Tylie collab

I just got wind of a collaboration between Noche and Tylie for an outfit at Fameshed. Noche created the Robinson baseball pants with socks and Tylie created the matching Ruth shirt. It’s nice to see people work together like this in Second Life™, especially as mixing and matching pieces to make outfits isn’t as effortless as one might expect it to be. As entertaining as this virtual world can be, it definitely has a few small frustrations. There’s another way to look at this though. Arguably Second Life™ has no set goals or scores so from that point of view it isn’t a game. It makes up for that by having a challenging learning curve and giving you a sense of accomplishment if you’re able to create a certain look. Maybe if everything was too easy, it would become boring. Still, it’s nice to catch a break every now and again. All I had to find to finish this outfit was a pair of shoes, a baseball cap and a bat.

Is there a baseball themed sim somewhere in Second Life™? A search didn’t give me any good results. I doubt it would be very functional, but it should be possible to create a stadium and get the vibe right. Oh well, I guess I’ll end up in the locker room again. Looks like we’re sharing with the visiting team 😉

Credits Billy

Credits Visitor

Backdrop: Paparazzi – Old School Locker Room – BACKDROP – pink, Thirst

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