Clearing Out The Wardrobe – Episode 4

Second Life™ never has been a fully immersive experience for me compared to how some people are able to live their virtual life, but that’s fine. Where other more typical multiplayer games give you only some opportunity to colour outside the lines, SL is a veritable Picasso. To be clear, I’m talking about the art, not the person. Picasso was a misogynist cruel man… but he gave us cubism though! Anyhoo, while the possibilities in SL aren’t endless, they are bound by very few rules and that’s one of the things that really attract me to this virtual kaleidoscopic multitude. I enjoy tinkering with my avatar and pottering about in virtual homes. Of late I have been taking a meandering trip down memory lane by going through my list of outfits. I found an oldie but a goody with the Deadwool Dandy suit from back in the day when I occasionally still dabbled with the system head. The suit has been around for donkey’s years. For those of you who are less familiar with farmyard animal expressions, it means quite a long time. The plus point of this suit is that it was very well made and it stood the test of time. The downside is that it wasn’t rigged for mesh bodies, so you’re stuck with the standard sizes and limited possibilities of what you can do with your shape to alter the fit. Nevertheless I still felt inspired to give this look an update and keep it.

The suits’ small size is the best option for the look I’m going for this time. Some of the shape settings impact the look of the suit, like body thickness, body fat, neck thickness, shoulders and hip width. Many shape settings will have no impact, so I’m more or less allowing the suit to dictate my shape and I’m going for a slightly less athletic look, though he still looks quite fit if you ask me. I’m using the Belleza body 2.0 with original hands and the Catwa Daniel head. There is some minor glitching at the shirt collar when my avi moves his head/neck, so if you’re looking for perfection you should go with a newer suit that was rigged for your specific body. The main message I’m trying to get across here, is that it can be fun to dust of some of your older inventory. Something you haven’t used in a while and that hasn’t aged too badly, may almost feel like something new. Who knows, maybe it’ll stir up some memories that have a bit more meaning to you.


  • Catwa Daniel bento mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Birth Evan applier or BOM skin for Catwa. This skin includes options for eyebrows, facial hair and hair base. Body applier available separately at Birth.
  • No Shirt Sherlock Vermeer eyes, gray. I’m using the system eyes here. To do that I added the rigged Catwa eyes that come with the Daniel head and pushed the BOM button in the HUD for this head (you find it in the Skin/Ears tab) and then the eyes magically appear.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Tom Shape for Catwa Daniel mesh head and Belleza Jake mesh body. Note that for this blog post I adjusted my shape and obviously styled the head differently. The Tom shape was my starting point.
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • L’etrê Basic Mesh Ears
  • Deadwool Dandy suit, socks and shoes
  • Rebellion Savant specs

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