What’s Eating TMP 20 (Classic meshbody)

The last time I did something with the Classic Meshbody from the people previously known as TMP (next they’ll just be a symbol like Prince), it was for an episode of the series I call “For a Little Less”. This time I’m not particularly counting pennies but the good news is that the Classic Meshbody is still free.

I’m using the Lelutka Guy head, which has been temporarily reduced from 5000 to L$3990 until further notice (2022 December update: now it’s L$2700). The skin on the head is Maverick by Birth in skin tone #7 used with their matching body skin for the Legacy body which appears to be working just fine on the Classic Meshbody. These skins come with appliers and BOM layers. I have explained before how to use BOM with this body, but I think it can’t hurt to repeat it once more.

To activate BOM on the Classic Meshbody you click on the second symbol on the left of the body’s hud, opening the Style panel. In the top right corner just underneath “Style” you’ll see a symbol that looks like little sliders. Once you’ve clicked on that you’ll see an option to Apply BOM. Keep in mind that you should not be wearing an alpha layer if you’re going to use BOM. If you accidentally are still wearing an alpha layer, your body will either not show or turn red. There doesn’t seem to be an elegant way to return to the previous menu in the hud, but I find that unticking (or ticking) the box for “show old content” does the trick. You can adjust the skin tone of your nail beds with the third symbol from the left underneath “Style”.
To activate BOM on the Lelutka Guy head you simply click the BakeOnMesh button on the Essentials tab of the hud. I think that’s enough tutorial for now.
I also tested the appliers and these work fine, though the neck seam was more visible, but at least if you feel more comfortable with appliers you have the option. Just remember that in that case you will have to be wearing alpha layers to hide the system body and/or head.

Meshbody started giving away the Classic body when the corona crisis lock down went into effect and there was a bit of a call to arms for creators to make new content for it, but that didn’t really work out. Their Legacy body has gained a lot of support since its launch and we can’t expect creators to go through the pain of rigging their items for the older body if they suspect that most people have moved on to something new. Also, as the Classic Meshbody is free, it will be popular with newbies who often will be on the lookout for other freebies, so as a creator who tries to earn a living (or at least a supplementary income in these shitty times), it doesn’t make an awful lot of sense to invest time in rigging for this body. Anyhoo, all this means that you won’t find a lot of new stuff for the Classic Meshbody and you’ll have to test other sizes, hunt down older items that still look very acceptable today and mix something old with something new.

I had a look around at TMD (event ends July 30th) and found this open jacket by Aitui in the TMP size. If you head over to Aitui’s main store, you’ll see they have plenty on offer in the old TMP size. Then I rummaged around in my inventory looking for a pair of trousers and settled on the Ascend Jack cargo pants, complete with hanging down suspenders. The Deadwool Chase sneakers are my go-to footwear for a casual outfit with the Classic Meshbody, as these shoes come in the TMP size and you don’t need to faff with unrigged shoes. I invested in the fatpack of these sneakers a long time ago and Deadwool has been keeping them up to date, adding versions for the Belleza Jake and Legacy body and they even added some colours… To be honest, I’m only finding this out now. Sometimes getting a redelivery in SL is almost as good as buying something new.

At the current round of Man Cave (event ends August 11th) you can find the Gavin jacket by Etham. This is another brand that has items in the TMP size. Actually, for this new jacket Etham even has gone as far as calling it the “Classic” size. You may want to have a look around at Etham’s main store for more items that support the Classic Meshbody.
If you’re looking for an excellent pair of ripped jeans, then I definitely can recommend the Holloway ripped jeans by Cold Ash. This is another example of a fashion item that has been around for a while in Second Life™ but that hasn’t lost it’s allure. I would even go as far as to say that if you enter a space wearing these jeans, people will feel a shift in the allurosphere. It’s a shame Cold Ash no longer supports the Classic body but they have a very respectable back catalogue.

This should have given you some (new) ideas for an old Classic. Have fun shopping!


  • Lelutka Guy mesh head.
  • Classic Meshbody, at the time of posting this is the slurl for the sim where you can pick up the free body. If you’re having no luck with this link, try the Legacy body store.
  • Birth Maverick skin for Lelutka Guy and Legacy mesh body. Birth face appliers and BOM layers include eye brows and browless version, several facial hair options and a hair base (alternative hair base used here). Their body skins include a range of body hair options.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Terence shape.
  • Renato hair base by Stray Dog at Man Cave till August 11th and at the Stray Dog main store after that.
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes applied to the mesh eyes that come with the Lelutka Guy mesh head
  • Noche Metallic thong
  • Rezz Room Crouchy Cat companion (gacha)

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