Clearing Out The Wardrobe – Episode 5

This episode of Clearing Out The Wardrobe reminds me of a scene in Borat, in which the “hero” of the movie taunts a somewhat unfortunate villager with a song that goes “you will never get this, you will never get this”, to point out to the poor sod he’ll never have sex with Borat’s sister who proudly is the second best (or wast it third best?) prostitute of her town, with a trophy to show for it. But back to Second Life™ now. The old look I’m dusting off before I save it in the list of outfits to keep is no longer achievable in SL, if you don’t happen to have the skin in your inventory.

A long time ago, well long ago in SL time anyway, I bought A Swagbag that had a Stray Dog skin in it for the Signature Gianni head. Swagbag was a subscription box with items for male avatars only, organised by MadPea for some time. The skin never showed up at the Stray Dog store afterwards and I think right now there actually aren’t any skins at Stray Dog for the Gianni head. It’s a shame, because skin choices for this head are very limited and while I feel it’s not exactly the most sophisticated mesh head, I do think that with this Owen skin, the Gianni head has an endearing certain je ne sais quoi. He’s not so much conventionally handsome as attractive in some quirky way.

  • The Signature Gianni mesh body and mesh head are still available of course.
  • You can head over to Stray Dog, but you won’t find the Owen skin there. The Signature Gianni head does come with a BOM activator and you can test Stray Dog bom skins for the Lelutka and Catwa heads on Gianni, but I don’t think it will work. Evidently Stray Dog does still have a skin for the Gianni body.
  • I’ve jazzed things up a bit with Basic Mesh Ears by L’etre, the Raphael facial hair by Mister Razzor and mesh nipples by Noche.
  • The Avi Glam Solstice eyes sure are an improvement on the head’s own eyes.
  • The Obscura hair was one of the first styles at Stealthic, but it’s aged gracefully and I’ve always liked it the most on the Gianni head.
  • The Noche Jake belted shorts with the walkman from the Summer Vibes set at Thirst and the group gift flip flops by Dufaux make for a beach outfit that’s just a bit more interesting than just swim shorts or a pair of speedos. This guy is just listening to some groovy tunes while chillin’ on the beach.

And now I’m off to bed to dream about listening to groovy tunes and chilling on a beach… Knowing my luck it’ll start pissing down.

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