What’s Eating TMP 21 (Athletic Meshbody)

There actually is something new at The Shops / Meshbody / the people previously known as TMP. For male avatars, next to the good old Classic Meshbody and the newer Legacy Meshbody they now also have the Athletic Meshbody. Their blurb for this body is “Not too little, and not too much, but go from lean to ultra-mean. Discover the perfect amount of athletic enhancement for your aesthetic lifestyle.” Is it just me, or are they trying to win over old users of the Niramyth Aesthetic body with this play on words? I looked at a demo of the body, decided that the subtle difference between this Athletic version and the Legacy body wasn’t really worth getting it and then I went ahead and bought it anyway, because life is to freakin’ short.

While Meshbody claims that many items that have been rigged for the Legacy body will work on this new Athletic body, it soon became obvious to me that the slightly different legs ruin some shorts and underpants. Still, it’s not entirely hopeless. The Andre boxer briefs by Noche do just fine. I tried on Noche’s latest James thong and sadly that was a big no no. In short the message here is demo demo demo before you buy. It will be interesting to see if Meshbody will be able to push some designers so far as to rig items for this body. As I hear it, they haven’t even made a dev kit available for it yet. Let this be a reminder of why exactly these blog posts have the title “What’s Eating TMP?”. Meshbody’s marketing plan is… quirky. Then again, they’re not the only ones. Let’s not mention Exmachina. Doh! I guess I just did.
I’m using Birth’s skin for the Legacy body and everything seems to be were it’s supposed to be, so maybe no new skins will be needed for this body. Combined with the Lelutka skyler head and the new Damon skin by Birth for this mesh head the neck seam is one of the best (most invisible) you can hope for in SL. You’ll get the same result with the Legacy Meshbody and even the free Classic Meshbody is rather well behaved on that front.

If you’ve just spent a whopping L$5000 on the Athletic Meshbody, maybe you’re in for a bargain. Noche is taking part in the 60L$ Happy Weekend event right now with the Nick crop top. The single packs are L$60, and the fatpack is L$499 for a limited time only (Saturday 10 AM SLT – Sunday 11:59 SLT). This crop top comes with a hud that lets you add whatever graphic you like so you can really make it your own. Now has anyone seen my shorts?

While I’m on a Noche flow, I can mention that wearing their leather Jourdan hoodie (with or without shirt) with Kaleb chinos causes no issues with the Athletic Meshbody. The Chase sneakers by Deadwool were yet again a saviour when it came to finding suitable footwear. Their Legacy size does the trick here. This image was shot at the Endless 58-58N sim.

Conclusion: other that sharper defined abs I’m not seeing a big difference between the Legacy Meshbody and Athletic Meshbody. Feel free to comment if you don’t agree with this statement. I’m curious to see what the opinions are on this new body.


  • Lelutka Skyler mesh head
  • Athletic Meshbody
  • Birth Damon skin at Uber till August 22nd, at mainstore after end of Uber event
  • Billy Beaverhausen Maddock shape for Lelutka Skyler and Athletic Meshbody (also work with Legacy Meshbody, though it will of course look different than the images)***UPDATE: I had to adjust this shape to work with the 2.5 version of the Skyler head, so it looks different now.
  • Modulus Bailey hair
  • Avi Glam Solstice eyes
  • All clothing by Noche, shoes by Deadwool
  • Wardrobe by David Heather (gacha, rare)
  • Little Glowing Friend floor lamp by 22769
  • Jian kitten collection

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