Shopping For David August 2020

I’ve been feeling somewhat funky lately and after a couple of days without even starting up Second Life™, I’m easing back into things with a quick blog post for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body.

In the previous three episodes of Shopping For David I experimented a little with skins and heads. This time I find myself returning to an old favourite with this body: the Catwa Stanley mesh head and Birth Drogo skin for catwa heads + their Omega applier for the body. I made the effort to have a look in Marketplace to see if perhaps I can get some new(ish) underwear for David, but I don’t think it will ever happen. There’s a bunch of speedos, all made with the same full-perm mesh item and there are some appliers, but when it comes to a nice pair of underpants, other than NX-Nardcotix‘s own Darrel underwear set, there’s nothing. I guess David is going commando most of the time.

Even a quickie with David takes some effort. As per usual, I found nothing new in his actual size and had to make do with other sizes. Guilty has a new jacket out at the Men Only Monthly event (ends August 15th) that looks a lot like their jacket I bought for my previous David blog post, but this time it has more embellishments. The advantage of this jacket being basically the same as the previous one, is that at least I was sure the Signature size was going to work for David. I wish I could say it’s a perfect fit, but I did notice a tiny bit of glitching at the inside of the wrist.
I really didn’t have the energy to go look for a new pair of jeans or chinos, so I simply went with something I knew was going to fit, i.e. the Legal Insanity Wrynn denims in the Enzo size with the leg muscles and butt size turned down to balance out the shape. For shoes I popped on the Cold Ash Chelsea boots. These come with a “cut” version that’s easier to put use with trousers.

Et voilà, I do believe we have something that could be called an outfit. The jacket includes a t-shirt and you can wear it with David, but for now I thought I’d show of a bit more skin. It’s still the middle of summer after all, something I’m very much reminded of every time my lunch break walk takes me along the lake on hot days and there’s lot’s of young people splashing in the water and the occasional sun worshipper baking themselves to a crisp. I never knew this kind of thing went on in my area of Stockholm, till I started working from home. This cloud has a silver lining. That sounds like a good note to end on.


  • Mesh body: NX-Nardcotix David
  • Mesh head: Catwa Stanley
  • Birth Drogo applier for Catwa mesh heads and Birth Omega body applier
  • Modulus Bailey hair
  • L’etrê basic mesh ears
  • Solstice eyes by Avi-Glam
  • Location of second image: Arteo Queer City II (adult)
  • N4RS: Famous sofa (I re-textured the cushions)
  • Fancy Decor: wood console, glass lamp (gacha) and whale tail book stack (gacha)
  • Dust Bunny: pink medinilla plant from Natural Habitat 2 fat pack

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