Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 7

There still is no BOM update for the Niramyth Aesthetic meshbody (and head), but even if it had been updated it’s not like this would really increase skin options for this body. I imagine that most skins would be all over the place with nipple slips galore and more funky toe shadows than you can shake a gnarly fist at. If you look around in Marketplace all you’ll find is a hand full of fantasy skins for this body and some dodgy looking human skins.

The limitations don’t stop at the skin. I tried the body with mesh heads from Lelutka, Akeruka and Vista but in the end Catwa is the only creator who offers a special version of their mesh heads for the Aesthetic body. I go into more detail about combining a Catwa head with the Aesthetic body in Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 1. Personally I feel this is the only acceptable combination, apart from using Aesthetic’s own head. I created a look with that earlier this year, which you can see in Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 6. This time I kept things fairly simple for myself by mixing some previous looks to end up with a hunky redhead.

I wandered around at some events to see if there’s anything new in the Aesthetic size. It isn’t exactly an embarrassment of riches but not a desolate fashion desert either. From the current round of the TMD event (ends August 30th) I snatched the Julian denim shorts by Not So Bad. Then I swooshed over to Men Only Monthly (closes August 15th) and picked up the Draven shirt by Legal Insanity and the Ryan sneakers by Justice. Well will you look at that, we’ve got ourselves an easy peasy summer breezy outfit.

At Man Cave you can pick up the new “Open the jeans” Jeans by Invictus. The event is ending soon (August 11th), but as usual this item will pop up at the Invictus main store soon after. As the name suggests, these jeans come with a hud that lets you open them, showing off your underwear / bulge. Your avatar will even go through a little animation and you can give specific people access to it. Such fun! These jeans also have auto hide, which comes in handy for taking the stripping action a big step further.

While we’re going down the naughty lane, we might as well go in for a penny and very much in for a pound with the new SLUP swimwear by Guilty, also from Man Cave. I went for the most daring white wet version that leaves little to the imagination. This definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Niramyth Aesthetic body has a strong base among the (gay) muscle worship audience and something tels me that, as long as there are creators making this kind of ridiculously scandalous items for it, this body won’t be totally disappearing from Second Life™ any time soon.


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