You can never have too many…

Whenever someone says that you can never have too many of a certain thing, I can’t help but think that you can have too many people that make blanket statements. I didn’t really need a new pair of jeans, but I’m part of Noche’s blog team, which gives me easy access to their new Hayden jeans. Of course this is Second Life™ and you don’t “really” need anything here. It’s all about wanting and I think that with their careful texturing, good detail and a snug shape-enhancing fit, there will be plenty of people who will want these jeans. To sweeten the deal they come with a belt, which is always a fun accessory to match your shoes.

The Noche Hayden jeans are showcased at the Equal10 event until September 5th and are rigged for Belleza Jake and the female and male Legacy Meshbody. As with most jeans in SL, you will have to check your tops to see what goes with them. Some shirts will be cutting through the jeans, but you can’t go wrong with a crop top, especially with the heat wave that’s hitting parts of Europe at this very moment. Somehow wearing a duffel coat in SL while one is boiling in real life, does not help to cool down at all.


  • Lelutka Evolution Skyler mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Stray Dog Lorenzo skin for Lelutka + body applier for Legacy, both come with BOM layers
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Luke” shape for Lelutka Skyler & Legacy
  • Facade Gojun tattoo (couldn’t find this particular tattoo in their store though)
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • You’ll find the Hayden jeans at Noche’s main store after Equal10 has ended
  • Thirst Crop V2 jersey
  • Deadwool Chase sneakers
  • Rezz Room Crouchy Cat companion (gacha)
  • Abuja man pose (including baseball cap) by Anna Poses currently at the TMD event (ends August 30th), pose was adjusted using Animare PLUS Pose & Animation System (I’m not a big fan of that system)
  • Shot at Puddle Church

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