Monochrome People

I don’t really understand people who always wear black. Surely whenever they open their closet, the room gets darker. Maybe some of them went through a phase in which they thought they were being cool by denouncing colour from their wardrobe and sadly got stuck in it, because they gave themselves a lifelong fear of colour. Others might do it to give themselves a certain air of mystique. Usually those people are quite boring. I’m not saying that everyone who always wears black is boring, just the ones that think it makes them more interesting. Personally I’m a fan of colourful people. Iris Apfel comes to mind. If I were the kind of ridiculous person who inappropriately appropriates Native American culture by calling something or someone their spirit animal, then Iris would be it for me. If you’ve never heard off her, jump on Google, look her up and be prepared to get smacked in the face with an abundance of colour and charisma. I discovered her in a Netflix documentary some years ago on a sleepless night. I didn’t get enough sleep that night, but at least my mood was lifted.

Black and white combinations can be very stylish though and you can’t go far wrong with it. Apparently wearing a pop of colour with black cheapens the look, but I’m not sure I agree with that. Somewhere someone like the Miranda Priestly character from The Devil Wears Prada novel came up with that idea and now we’re all supposed to agree with it? Where’s the science? Anyhoo, I did go monochrome for once, with just a few gold touches in the bracelets and sunglasses. It looks quite sharp, don’t you think?


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