Men Only Hunt August 2020

The current Men Only Hunt has passed me by for most of its run. In general I have been slightly less active in Second Life™, as a combination of the real life job and my temporary enthusiasm for reaching 500,000 steps on my counter this month, has taken up much of my time. I got a couple of nice items from this particular hunt in the past though, so I quickly worked my way through the list of participating stores. My first impression was that there are an awful lot of poses and tattoos in this hunt and not that many wearable items. I also noticed that this no longer is a free hunt. Items are priced between 0 and 10 L$ and you don’t always know what you’re going to get. You can find the full list of landmarks and hints on the Men Only Hunt site and you have time until August 30th to finish the hunt, though in my experience it’s not unheard of to still find the hunt item at stores past the finishing date.

In this shot the Men Only Hunt items are:

  • Marlon Punch Bag by L’Meshe (not animated)
  • Loose Half-P shorts (with and without jock) by Gild (for Jake, Gianni and Legacy),
  • Amahau tattoo by Letis (only seeing a small part of it here on the back and arms)
  • Mister Razzor Felipe Facial Hair
  • Vegas tattoo Society
  • XTC Kovac boxers (for Jake, Gianni, Geralt, Legacy and slink)
  • IDK pose pack 129, including the pizza and other accessories

I’m not going to list al other credits this time. I can say that as pizza guy, I’m wearing the same shape, body, head and skin as for my latest episode of Dabbling With Geralt. The other mesh body used in this shot is of course Belleza Jake. The image was shot at a Skye Warehouse Loft and the cat is by Rezz Room. That’s all I’m going to say. That’s it. Go away! Get hunting!

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