Thong Song 2

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of the fashion items that look like someone stitched together a tiny flimsy bit of fabric and some dental floss, are being worn by women. However, women weren’t the first to wear thongs. Go back about 44,000 years and you’ll see thongs being worn by men in Africa. I imagine historians figured that out from carvings, because if they made those thongs in a fabric that has stood the test of time till know, they must have been chafing like hell. In Minoan and Mycean culture thongs pop up around 1570 BCE. I think it was on a Tuesday, that someone gave their arch nemesis a serious wedgie and then thought: “hey, there’s a product development idea in this…” Anyhoo, let’s return to the here and now and our virtual culture.

Noche has just released a new metallic version of their James Thong and it’s pleasantly shiny. Treat yourself to the fat pack and you get a whopping 27 colours which you can apply to the main fabric and trim individually. Oh just think of all the colour combinations! The thong is rigged for the Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh body and comes with three bulge sizes, cause some of us are a bit more modest than others. That’s all I’ve got to say about it. So go sparkle and be gay… Or straight. Maybe the missus would enjoy seeing you do the shimmy for once.

Credits (left)

  • Akeruka Advanced mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Stray Dog Erwin for Catwa heads (using the BOM layer) + body skin for Belleza Jake
  • Billy Beaverhausen Akeruka Advanced and Belleza Jake Shape Rickard
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair and Stealthic hair base

Credits (Right)

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