A Look at Akeruka Advanced – Episode 4

It may seem like I can’t get enough of this Akeruka Advanced male mesh head and in case you were wondering if I’m being sponsored, I can assure you that I am not. Believe me. Believe me! *plays imaginary accordion*

I really like Catwa mesh heads and more than approve of the success Lelutka is having with their male mesh heads, but I have always had a soft spot for the less popular options. Leaving that soft spot out of the equation, the Akeruka Advanced mesh head is objectively more sophisticated than its predecessors. The fact that you can find some BOM skins that will work with it even though they have been made for Catwa mesh heads is a big plus.

This time I dug up the Vendetta Amir skin I got as a gift a little while ago. At least I think I got it as a gift, or was it a hunt? Or did I just buy it? It’s not as if I’m keeping careful track of my purchases. You haven’t lived Second Life™ if you never accidentally bought something you already owned. Anyhoo, this Amir skin is another great example of something that was made for Catwa heads but fits on the Akeruka Advanced head quite well.

For all the previous looks with this head I have been using the Belleza Jake mesh body, but for this one I switched to Legacy Meshbody and of course the head fits on it beautifully. What I like about the Vendetta body skin is that the abs are less defined compared to many other skins. I’m not saying this is better, I’m simply appreciation that it’s different. Vive la difference!


  • Akeruka Advanced mesh head, including an HD beard with some options (don’t worry you can have a clean shave if you want).
  • Legacy body by “Meshbody” (they appropriated the generic term “mesh body” as their brand, I don’t like it either, but I really like the body).
  • Vendetta Amir skin tone #3 for Catwa (using the BOM layer obviously, not the applier)
    + body skin for Legacy. Note that I was using rather bright lights for this photo shoot. #3 is a rather pale skin tone, but it will look a bit darker in most situations.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Akeruka Advanced and Belleza Jake Shape Rickard.
  • The brows on the Amir skin look a bit faded, so I’m using the no-brow skin and added Mister Razzor Kanye brows (includes 4 different version, even one without shaved bits).
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Modulus Cole hair (free gift fat pack).
  • Avi Glam Solstice eye, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the head (you will need the Omega System Kit for Akeruka, which you can get at the Akeruka store.
  • Noche Angel Open Shirt and Hayden Jeans, both rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy. The shirt is also rigged for Signature Gianni and the jeans include a size for the female Legacy body, in case any ladies have stumbled onto this blog.

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