A Signature Look VII

A little less than a month ago we took a look at Signature Geralt. You could say I had a dabble with him and the results were interesting and kinda cute. Now it is time to turn our attention to his older brother Gianni. There is a Signature Event running till September 21st, so this is the perfect time for it. You can even purchase the Gianni body at the reduced price of L$2750 until September 17th. Sadly there is no discount on the Signature head and you’ll be paying the full L$4000, which I find a tad bit overboard.

Of course you can pop pretty much any male mesh head on the Gianni body, but the point about this particular series within my blog is to show different looks with the Gianni mesh head. I think many people will agree that there are more sophisticated heads available, but as I said the other day: vive la difference! Some people will like the “quirkiness” of this head and others are just lazy shoppers and simply bought their head and body from the same place before they realised you can get a head elsewhere. Go figure! So if you’re quirky or lazy, I’m here to show you some options within your mostly self-imposed limits. This time it’s extra convenient for the aforementioned lazy asses, because the skin I’m using is also from Signature.

The Davis skin was launched at some fair probably about a century ago. I’d hate to turn this into a Covid19 rant, but between our little corona friend and the constant elevated state of drama caused by He Who Must Not Be Named (Voldetrump!), time for me has become an increasingly blurry concept. Anyhoo, this skin was made for the Signature body and Lelutka Skyler head, but it’s not doing too badly with the Signature Gianni head either. I might do a follow-up blog post with a Lelutka mesh head on the Gianni body, if I can muster the strength. The Davis skin is L$900 and for that you get a head and body skin in 5 skin tones, each coming in a very athletic version (what I am using) and a more average version (still fit as f*ck). The Gianni head needs a bit of tender love and care to make the best of it, but I find that a beard, strong eyebrows, nice eyes and replacement mesh ears go a long way. Then there’s all the tinkering with the shape of course. I’ll put the shape for this look in my Marketplace store in case you like what you’re seeing but you haven’t got the strength to try and recreate it.

As for the event, now that Signature is trying to create some traction for their female body, naturally the Signature Event has become more mixed. It doesn’t mean that there would have been more male items if the female avatar stuff hadn’t been there though, it just means you need to do a bit more walking or panning your camera around. Personally I just didn’t feel like putting on any clothes today, so I’ll leave it at this for now.

Oh and before I forget, THE BLOGGIES have opened up their site for this year’s nominations. I’m not really all that bovvered, but the way the economy is going these days, it might be a good idea to try and build my brand anyway even if I’m not making any money of this blog right now. So if you think I should be nominated in any of the categories, go ahead and show me some love on The Bloggies nominations page.


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