Second visit to the Signature Event

The previous post was all about making the most of the Signature Gianni mesh head. For this post, I went back to the Signature Event and bought the brand new Lelutka Connor mesh head. The Lelutka mesh heads continue to be priced at L$3990 until further notice. They used to be L$5000, but were discounted as a good will gesture when we first all started locking ourselves in and throwing away the key in attempt to say NO to our little friend Covid19. So here I am, up in my tower and I’ve let my hair grow long, but never (EVER!) has any prince charming attempted to climb up it. Old hags on the other hand… Anyhoo, let’s take a look at this Connor head.

As with all the Lelutka mesh heads in their newest Evolution range, Connor is meant to be used with BOM skins. In theory you can use an applier for the skin, but then you won’t be able to apply any extras. So that means no hair base, no eye brows, no freckles, no nothin’. It all has to be part of the skin you are using if you do take the applier route. That might be the choice you make when you like an old skin that hasn’t been updated to BOM yet and it happens to have all of the aforementioned extras baked in. If it’s an omega applier, you will also need to have the Omega relay for Lelutka heads. Seriously though, get on the BOM wagon already!

I’ve used the same skin as in the previous post, the Signature Davis skin to be more precise. The eyebrows, freckles and beard all come with the head. You can actually use the Connor head on the Signature body straight out of the box. The skins that come with the head have been made to blend into the neck and the seam isn’t too awful, considering you don’t have to cough up any extra dough for a skin. Seriously though, you need to stop eating dough, it’s bad for you.
If you need more help with the Lelutka Evolution heads than the somewhat anemic tidbit I’m offering here, you can sashay away to Lelutka’s website, because there’s plenty of information to pig out on there.

While I was at the Signature Event (ends on September 21st) I grabbed myself a new top by Noir. What’s better than a nice form-fitting sleeveless top? One with a hilarious print that makes people laugh out loud and a sexy harness-like detail. Once the event has ended, the Hikaru Harness Shirt should appear at the Noir main store, but why wait, right? We’ve got to spread the joy NOW people!
And with that it’s time for me to “head” out of here… See what I did there? I said head out of here and the main topic of this blog post was a head… How do you mean it doesn’t become funnier when I explain it?


  • Lelutka Conner mesh head (at the Signature Event until September 21st)
  • Signature Gianni mesh body (discounted to L$2750 at the Signature Event until September 17th)
  • Signature Davin BOM skin
  • Modulus Body Hair set 1
  • Avenge Signature freckles body tattoo applier (you can use this on top of the BOM skin)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Lelutka Conner & Signature Gianni Shape Keith
  • Avi-Glam Solstice Mesh Eyes
  • Stealthic Hysteria hair and Stealthic hair base (using the thick version)

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