What’s Eating TMP 22

Here’s another one of those introductions in which I try to explain the title of this particular series of posts. The brand we’re supposed to be calling Meshbody, used to be known as TMP (short for the The Mesh Project). Some people refer to them as Legacy, but that is the name of the new body they came out with after stringing people along for years with a “beta” version of their original mesh body, which now still is available under the name “Classic”. It’s safe to say there’s a certain level of frustration among the Second Life™ residents with this brand. But damn it, I love their products. More recently Meshbody expanded their range with the Athletic body and we’re taking another look at that today.

A special point of attention on the agenda today is the mesh head I am using with the Athletic mesh body. It’s a Lelutka mesh head from their new Evolution line-up, named Luka. You’ll get a nice neck seam with the combination of this head and body, meaning that you need to be looking quite closely at the neck to notice a seam at all. One could say it’s seemingly seamless or so it seems.

When it comes to finding clothes for the Athletic Meshbody, not much has been made specifically for it yet, but I have a hunch that quite a lot of what has been rigged for the Legacy Meshbody will work. The moto here and indeed for most things in SL is: demo everything.

For the first very casual outfit on the left we are using the Armani Mesh Croptank and Miguel Joggers both by Noche, perfect for a lazy Sunday or indeed any lazy day at home or a quick jog in the park.
In the middle
On the right our guy is looking very dapper look in the Deadwool Hart jacket and trousers and Oxford shoes. All of these are worn in the Belleza size and of course the alpha hud is being used to hide all parts of the body that were poking through the suit.

And with this lovely juxtaposition of casual and smart I’ll leave you for now. I’m sure if you have a look around at the various monthly menswear events and try things in the Legacy size, you’ll find something to wear.


  • Ahtletic Meshbody
  • Lelutka Luka mesh head
  • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape for Athletic Meshbody & Lelutka Luka mesh head (coming to Marketplace soon)
  • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka mesh heads and body skin for Legacy Meshbody, both used as BOM
  • Stray Dog Renato hair base
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (includes an applier for Lelutka wich works on the mesh eyes that come with this head, no Omega relay needed)
  • Noche: Armani Croptank, Armani Mesh Croptank, Miguel Joggers and Max Underwear on the peeping tom on the balcony (worn on the Belleza body)
  • Deadwool: Hart Jacket, Hart Trousers, Oxford Shoes
  • The at home shots were taken using an Apple Fall Paris Loft from a retired gacha. If you search for in Marketplace, you may find a couple of them. I won’t go into much detail about the interior, as most of it is just blurry in the background. The bed is by Soy and you can find the sofa at Apple Fall.

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