Productive lazy days

As Second Life™ is mostly amusement for me, spending half a day tinkering with a space to make it look cozy, will look like a lazy day to anybody looking in from the outside (real) world. Meh, whatevs. Who asked you?! You do you boo. Que sera sera. Know what I mean. Like, seriously though, I can’t even… *looks at his cup of coffee with great suspicion* OMG, this ISN’T decaf!

Anyway, after all that faffing with virtual furniture, nick-nacks, tchotchkes and thingamabobs (I’ve got twenty, but who cares, no big deal… oh no, now I’m going to burst into song!) I set up a little sexy romantic scene which got slightly disturbed by that exhibitionistic dude across the street… Not that I’m complaining. Kitty cat just sleeps through all of it, as usual. Gawd, how I’d like to be a cat, providing I end up with loving parents… eeehm… owners. RIGHT! This is going nowhere, so off to the credits we go. I’ll give you a tour of the place some other day.


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