Clearing Out the Wardrobe – Episode 7

It was time for another one of those moments in Second Life™ where I took a look at an old outfit and thought of ways I could improve upon it. This time it’s an ensemble I have used on a Halloween hunt a couple of years ago and I’m sure it got some funny looks. A thong singlet is never going to be up everybody’s creek, so to speak. Personally I like how it has just enough fabric to make it interesting and to of course avoid full frontal jaw-dropping nudity at non-adult sims, while it also doesn’t leave much to the imagination. With plenty of skin on display, it’s also a great opportunity to use a tattoo.

I was wearing the Noche Hope Singlet back then and I am now wearing the Noche Latex Thong Singlet, to add a bit of shine to these dark days. The quality of the Vale Koer Retro Dunks sneakers I’m wearing this time is also of another level than their freebies I was wearing back then, although I haven’t thrown those out yet and they’re definitely a group gift worth making the trip to Vale Koer for now, if you haven’t got much SL cash to burn.

I have no need for the crossbow this year, because I’m not getting really into a very engaging hunt right now, though I’m sure they are out there (check out MadPea). The Nomad Pumpkin Hat is making a comeback from that old outfit and you can see that it’s more amusing than the slightly scary pumpkin head I was wearing the other day. I’m not sure where I’ll be going with this outfit. This is considered acceptable club wear in places I myself have only ever heard people talk about in real life. Consider that Second Life™ is real life on steroids, and the possibilities of where I can shake my booty to some groovy tunes in this getup are endless. So I shall sashay away and let you admire the view as I leave the room for now.


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